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réparer le disque dur

réparation de disque dur
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Hard disk repair
When old systems "make the soul"

: If you want to recover data on a hard disk - and not to repair it -, please clic on the link below : data recovery

Datex began to repair hard disks since his creation in 1984. This experience, accumulated and transmitted to young recruits still allows us, to repair old generation hard disks. However, the repair of this type of hard drive is usually done only if there was no other possible alternative. Alternatives to repair the hard disk are mentioned below (more reliable and ultimately less expensive than repairing):

A first quality offer :

1. Emulators are certainly the best alternative to repair old generation hard disks : It's about new magnetic support and current technology, offering the same "service" as the old hard drive. The hard disk emulator is compatible 'plug-to-plug' with older systems. Costs of power consumption and especially the maintenance of old systems are also greatly reduced. If you want more information, please click on the link below : Emulator

2. Another possible alternative to repair old hard disk is buying a "refurbished" hard drive, what means an identical hard disk - necessarily old too - but rehabilitated. We can also offer its standard-exchange. Please contact us case by case to allow us to search in our inventory if your model is available.

If your hard disk is current or recent (2"1/2, 3"1/2 ou 5"1/4), we'll proceed to its repairing only in the case of a data recoverying.
Hard disk repairing is a delicate and important step to recover lost data following a hardware failure, mecanical or electronical of the hard disk. The price of an existing hard drive doesn't justify its repair, except if the data loss represents a computer disaster for the company. Repairing the hard disk has the only aim to recover data lost or inaccessible.

Tests and repairing for manufacturers and distributors.

Testers from Datex can control several hundred hard disks a day. These testers are used to identify NDF ("No Defect Found" - not defective hard disks).

Theses testers allows to repair NDF of hard disks that really present a failure. NDF under warranty are then returned to manufacturers or distributors.