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Datex DSM was founded in 1984.

Hard disks manufacturer since 1989 following the purchase of the subsidiary hard disks development as "Parallel Transfert Drive (PTD)" from Century Data Systems : TECSTOR (DIM'S 500).

From the beginning on, Datex started to offer real time system maintenance as well as hard disk drive repairs and data recovery services for all kinds of magnetic media (hard disk drives, tape drives, RAID systems, etc.).

In order to remain at its peak Datex constantly adapts to new IT technologies. Datex made important investments in tools and infrastructures: the laboratories have a total surface of 1200m2 and 100m2 of class-100 clean-rooms that are constantly controled by the particle counter LASAIR II. The company first developped in Europe and then in the US and in Asia.

Today Datex offers those services and products :

* Nota : The FM and MFM HDD or floppies work with all systems with all formats.

Datex holds ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Datex customers are usually small and medium companies, multinational companies and administrative bodies

Datex sales his products in over 80 countries like USA, Deutschland, Japan, Korea, etc.